Are you ready for an authentic life rooted in love, courage and confidence?

Do you...

  • ... long to be blessed with the joy of expressing yourself  freely, and create with confidence? Instead of waiting for approval.
  • ... yearn to show the world the beauty of your spirit? But fear you are too average to shine. 
  • ... want to feel a happy big-smiled contentment when your project is ready? Instead of getting side tracked ev-er-y time a better idea appears.
  • ... feel a deep connection with your clients, projects and business? But every time you start a project you run into your own fears: "I'm not good, original, special, unique or experienced enough..." 

How a journey to Magical Creativity will
transform your life and business
fear to blissful confidence ...

Imagine this life...

You wake up smiling, feeling deep gratitude for your life. Thankfully you remember that wonderful idea some lovely muse whispered in your ear, right before you fell asleep.

You reach at your night table and pick up your favorite black pen and shiny new Idea Journal. You start writing. Beautiful sentences fill the pages. This plan is writing itself.

You feel it in your bones. This is going to be life changing.
Creating it will be so rewarding.
You're already imagining the happy smile on the face of your favorite client when you show the result to her.

You get out of bed and drink your morning coffee - in your I’m a friggin' genius - cup. Staring out of the window you visualize what this plan will look like. You see the results. You hear what people will say. It feels like you’re holding it in your hand. As if it’s already out there. All you’ve got to do is take it by it’s tail and place it on earth.

You pick up your planner and set a date. You’ve got incredible focus. You create your plan from start to finish - loving every moment of the creative process. It’s finished before your due date. With a sense of deep gratitude for your muses, your own creative magic you post a picture on Facebook. "Good morning dear friends! Look what I've created. I love it. I want to share this with you. Send me an email if you want to know more."

See what happened there?
That's what  living a creative life feels like. This is living according to your soul's true calling.

Do you want that too? Scroll down NOW to check out the Creative Journey  ->

What? Really… No doubt, no fear? No horrible jealousy? No Who am I to succeed?

No: "People will think I'm crap or lazy or both. They'll think I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm totally unqualified."
No: "I'll be judged as crazy. They think I'm profiting from others struggles. What if no one likes my message or buys my product" 
No: "I'll make a mistake and then someone will get hurt  and blame me."
No: "I mustn't shine too brightly or have too much fun. They'll think I'm overconfident and shallow, or - god forbid - I fail."
No: "What if all my hard work and passion is not recognized or doesn't work?
No: "What if nobody sees me. Or worse what if they do see me and expect me to be awesome and I'll let them down."
No: "I start when I've taken that study, and my website is ready, and I cleaned out the attic, and I know a name for my business and I know I can actual do it."
 No: "It can't be this easy. I'm doing something wrong... "

No: 'It doesn't feel good I'll start next week.' Until the week becomes a month and your plan disappears in the drawer. Where it sadly lays with all your other forgotten projects.
Together with all the programs and trainings you'd never finished... 

Make no mistake! This does not happen because you're a scared little bunny. It has nothing to do with perseverance.  This happens because you're a courageous women. You're on a mission. You want to change the world. Even if it takes one person at the time or realizing one tiny art journal.  

I can see that. Women like you and me don't give in easily.  

But  your self-criticism is grey-coloring your judgment. You see your past, present and future through a dark colored filter of comparison, fear, doubt and perfectionism. 

There is no opportunity for you to see and feel what's already there! 

Yes, I know…

Finishing or starting a project you love - while the Voice of  'I'm not good enough' shouts louder than the Voice of your Muses - is an Impossible Task...

When you're Creating a Program, present yourself to an audience, write that Blog Post, start your Business .... - AND Fear and Perfectionism are stronger than the Calling of your Soul -you can buy all the programs in the world, pay for business coaching until you're Blue in the Face but you'll still feel like a Big Old Fraud.

No matter how accomplished, wonderful or experienced you are...


You're not the only one. I know how you feel. 
Yes, l really do.

My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain.
According to my clients I'm a Miracle Worker, as stated by my diploma's I'm an Art Historian and Certified Transformational Coach. I call myself the 'Creative Soul Alchemist.'  
If you follow my work the past couple of years you might find it hard to believe. But I betrayed my creative happiness for more than 25 years.

I quit Art School in my final year, because I felt there was no space left for me. Instead I worked in the world of Art, Design and Branding as a Coach, Consultant and Art Historian.

I had loved creating, but all my brushes were up in the attic, hidden in a box. 

I became partner in a white-collar corporate consultancy firm,  and felt utterly miserable. Until the night I cried out in my empty room: Okay I give up. What is my purpose?’

I looked down and there was a piece of paper, without being aware of it I had written: Creative Fire.

Those words marked a completely new path. Nowadays I work with women from all over the world. I bridge the gap between their Entrepreneurial Skills and the Creative Source. I support women who align their creative powers with their business and soul.

I Clear obstacles and Heal Fear, using my personal story and my skills to Heal Women with Creative Fire.

I want you to live a life rooted in confidence, courage and love.

I don't want you to waste the beautiful projects that are already living in your soul. I want you to have the confidence to step up and say:

"This is My time, My life, My project. I can do with it whatever I like.
Damn! I'm done playing small."

I want you to know you are good enough. You've got all the Wisdom and Experience  to Do It, Make It, Enjoy It and Love Every Second of your Beautiful Life

In order to be the shiny light you  are, every step you take has to be an authentic expression of who you truly are

That's Why I Created the Creative Journey 

This Guided Step-by-Step Online Program is created for you

The Creative Journey teaches you to lean into your fears. To reconnect with Creative Source. At the end of the Journey a prize awaits you: 
a Life rooted in Love, Courage and Confidence. 

This science backed program is an easy to follow roadmap that bridges the gap between your Creative Magic Power (that's already there, but you can't feel it) and you, your life and business or work.

This is a courageous road. Created for the brave ones who are done with fear and ready for true success and joy.

If you're not sure what Your Creative Magic is: - it's that miraculous feeling you're simply a vessel for inspiration and everything you do is just as it should be.

Our creativity is a wild and unexpected bonus from the universe. It's as if all our gods and angels gathered together and said, "it's though down there as a human being, we know.
Here-have some delights”
                                                                                                          - Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Why this program is totally different from anything you did before:

The Creative Journey is designed especially for women who know it's time to stop hiding and blending in. Because you're meant to shine. 
I know changing your mindset is no easy task. But I've helped hundreds of women to radically change and improve their lives and business.
I'll personally guide you through the process
until you're ready to shine!

The Creative Journey is science backed and based on 25 + years experience.

Having Faith in you(r) Creative Powers

  • You have faith in the outcome and your creative process.
  • You know how to lean into fear and still create like a Lioness or Queen, Fairy, Purple Ogre, Superhero…
  • Creating and being in business is fun again.
  • Moreover: you'll love creating

Knowing your Unique Talents and Purpose 

  • You'll love - and respect - who you are and know WHY you're doing it.
  • You've got clarity in your purpose, razor sharp direction and laser beam focus.
  • You apply your talents whenever and however you like to. And love it!
  • You live a courageous life of confidence + love

Never again seeking for solutions outside yourself 

  • ​You know everything starts with being connected to the goodness and light already living insight you.  
  • ​You know healing your fears and getting clarity is paramount.
  • You'll never again loose hard- earned money on programs that do not honor your Creative Soul.
  • Goal-orientated Confidence and Heaps of Self-Love push you forward - even when the Going is Tough-.
  • You show up as You. Always. 

"I live a creative life! This pushed me kindly out of my comfort zone..."

"It elevated myself to a point of higher understanding as well as transcended both my comfort zone and my culture’s comfort zone. (…) it kindly pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to live a more creative life.”."

- Luna Love  Owner Little Mis Tarot

"I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support!!”

“Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business (…)  She helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”. She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of.”

- Rayna van Aalst (Owner and founder of Reina Organics)

This is your Journey if you desire to flow freely and fearlessly.If you want your business and brand to be a shining light.

"Having faith in your inner creativity is like trusting yourself at a very deep level. Everything becomes clear. It enlightens your mindset, ideas, and restores your faith in the power of your creative source."  

In the Creative Journey you become friends with your (Creative) Fears.

Deep Transformative Change Happens as the
Result of a Science Backed Beautiful Combination of
Guidance, Learning, Reflecting and Creating.

Don’t worry the joy of painting is optional.
But experimenting and having fun is part of the program.

I promise you this

this Journey is your chance to let go of doubt, limiting beliefs,
perfectionism and non-focus.

In this journey you bid farewell to playing small, blending in,
feeling not-enough and following rules.

Are you ready for that?

Welcome focus, action, intention and Super Creative Powers.
Welcome connection with creative source.
Welcome celebrating yourself when your wonderful idea - the one you wrote about in your Shiny Idea Journal - is finished, and a huge success! 


The Creative Journey is Designed with Love 

How the Creative Journey will help you:

In four easy Modules to Clarity, Purpose and Borderless Creativity 

"The 4 Modules are Acknowledge, Play, Create & Momentum"

In easy guided steps you are taken from: understanding and healing your creative blocks, to using your limitless creativity in your daily life, your business.

You work with...

  • your inner creativity: mindset, ideas, faith, and self love. 
  • your outer creativity: the tangible results that come with creating.
  • You immediately apply your new creative freedom in your business and life.

This is how the Creative Journey will impact your Life and Happiness 

The Creative Journey is a proven unique and comprehensive approach that takes Soulful Women Entrepreneurs to true Creative Freedom and Independence in her Business and Life.

  • The four modules take you on a journey deep inside your own motives, talents, hidden treasures and obstacles.
    It transforms and supports you translating your unique Creative Soul into business and life.
  • There are 3 versions a Group Journey, a Guided Journey or the Self-Paced Journey. Whatever fits your needs, I will ALWAYS  help you move forward.
  • In the Facebook group you share, get help and feedback, find new Creative Soul Friends and synchronicity – beautiful coincidences. You stay in the group as long as you like. It’s your Creative Safe Haven.

Your adventures in the Creative Journey

Yes, the result of the Creative Journey is a life rooted in Confidence, Love and Courage.... BUT it's also fun, inspirational and mind blowing creative! 

I 'used' the art, poems, music, voices and sounds of artists, designers, great thinkers, and also scientifically proven design experiments and sound psychological input to built the program. 

The Creative Journey is deep, insightful and life changing. It's also a reflection of my own life lessons, experience and knowledge. I'd love to guide you on your journey. Want to know more about your guide?

"I feel energized and motivated and clear on my next steps."

Thank you Esther, for a fun and very helpful challenge! The assignments were simple but helped me gain some big insights – I reconnected with the playful, messy side of creativity, that I’ve been neglecting for a while. I feel energized and motivated and a lot clearer on what steps to take next in my jewelry business.

- Laurelien (Owner Laurelinde Jewellery)

"Deeply transformative. I'm reconnected with my Creative Magic"

The Creative Journey has been deeply transformative for me. I was surprised how much I loved the whole experience. The journey taught me to rely on my unique creativity. I never knew my creative magic power was this big! It feels great. Building, experimenting and creating things - I loved the feeling of playing without feeling the fear of what the outcome could be! This was so much fun.   

- Marielle Kleynjan (Owner Moem, Freedom through Sensuality)

" it was a warm and sparkling journey that entirely opened my creative perspective!"

Being part of the creative soul experience certainly opened my creative perspective. It was such a warm and sparkling journey. It’s hard to express what it really did to me, bit it was so good!

- Maika Cheizoo (Co-owner Djemmee teambuilding)

What You’ll Get...

This is what you get when you choose creativity, love, confidence and courage:

"When you jump aboard the Creative Journey this is what you get."

The Creative Journey is an online program in 4 Modules with expert guidance including:

Full access to the online guided Creative Journey program with expert support for as long as you love.

Guided meditations + inspirational video’s + texts + workbooks + creative assignments + reflections..

Art + design + poems + design experiments + deeply personal stories + lessons from artists + expert knowledge to inspire you and help you move forward. 

1.   Self-Paced Journey  (with email support + Facebook group) 
2.   Group Journey (with email support + group sessions with a small group + Facebook group )  
3.   Guided Creative Journey (with expert 1:1 support + group sessions with a small group  + Facebook group) 

Lovely Bonuses for the members of the Group Journey and Guided Creative Journey that will ignite your creativity!

Your 2 options



the Creative Journey

  • ​Full access to the Creative Journey
  • Self - paced.
  • The program is yours for ever.
  • My loving expert guidance + support through email + the Facebook Group for as long as you need it.
  • Start when you are ready 

the Guided Creative Journey

  • ​Full access to the Creative Journey
  • 4 X 1:1 of 60 minutes coaching sessions
    (worth $ 1000)
  • Email support during the entire journey.
  • Separate guided Facebook group for you and your fellow creative travellers.
  • The program is yours for ever.
  • My loving expert guidance + support through email + the Facebook Group for as long as you need it.
  • Send me email if you want to take the Journey 1:1 with me!  

1 on 1

Do you need advice?

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Creative, empowering, enthusiastic.

"I liked it  very much. It was creative, empowering, enthusiastic and great to share it with women from  all over the world!"

- Karen Straatman (Owner/coach )

Before you decide:
No Questions (really!) Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you decide for - whatever reason - you don't like my face, the program or my guidance, just let me know within 7 days of the start of the guided program. We'll send you a prompt refund.

My transformational work is trusted by hundreds :

You owe this to yourself. 

Let's do the math. How much will you loose when you don't take this opportunity ? 

I know what you're thinking: "I don't need this chance to transform my life and business. I can do it myself. Anyway I don't like change and I honestly feel very comfortable in my invisible comfort zone. Unseen, unheard, unnoticed" 
"I just read a book about creativity and buy another expensive program - that promises me to make lots and lots of money - . They promise me it's easy and I don't have to do a lot. I just follow their lead." 

Maybe you think: "Well the year is almost over. Why change anything? I'll just keep going... Sort of. Or I might stop. Maybe this is a sign I should give in..." 

​You be the judge! What happens when you don't enroll in the Creative Study at this very instant?

You will keep thinking you are NOT special or unique enough to shine. You will NOT know the joy of creating freely. You will NOT feel the joy of being united with your authentic creative power.
You do the math. You will loose money because - as long as you don't deal with your fears - you will NOT attract the people you want to work with, you will NOT finish your products or services, you will NOT become that Big Success -  as long as you allow your fears to crumple your perfect inner beauty.

The Creative Journey is not a Get Rich Quick course. It's deep, it's life changing, it asks your full attention and in return you'll get a life rooted in love, courage and joy! If you're reading this I know you're ready for true change.

Take me to the Creative Journey.

The Creative Journey

start when you're ready.

  • Full access to Creative Journey.
  • Program is yours for ever.
  • Email support during the journey.
  • Expert guidance in the Facebook Group.


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The Guided Creative  Journey


  • Full access to Creative Journey.
  • Program is yours for ever.
  • Email support during the journey.
  • Expert guidance in the Facebook Group for as long as you need it.
  • 4 Group Sessions in each Module 
  • 4 X 1:1 of 60 minutes coaching sessions.
    Worth $ 1000,00
  • Limited Seats 10 Spots available (8 spots left)
  • Easy Payment plan available


Click + Pay Safe with PayPal.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you decide for this is not for you just let me know within 7 days of the start of the guided program and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"You're about to take a courageous step. I applaud you for that. But I you for any reason - not liking my voice - feel the program sucks - or ... fill in the blanks, I give  you back you back your money - no questions asked."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

I'm not creative and also not an artists is this for me?

Is this an art course?

How is this program structured ?

Why should I put my trust in you? 

What happens when I enroll?

How do I know what option to choose?

"Esther helped me on my Path of Life"

Strong, creative, stable, joyful, sweet and sincerely. Those are the words that describe Esther to me. She is an inspiring person who helps you on your Path of Life. She gives, shares and teaches you. She is the woman who will be there for you!

- Dieuwertje Homan (Founder Open Yoga and ZZPerfect)

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