Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual Book Bundle 2019


The ‘Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual’ e-Book Bundle (Revised Edition 2019) FREE WITH COUPON CODE TILL DECEMBER 2, Mindnight

You get:

  • The Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual – mobi (revised 2019 edition – for Kindle)
  • The Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual – ePub (revised 2019 edition – all other e-readers)
  • The Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Workbook – PDF
  • Free entrance to Be the Expert (the One and Only program that helps you show up as The Go-To Person for the Clients of your Dreams (limited availability)
  • There is an explanation IN the Zipfile that tells you exactly how to download the files.

Ever wondered why you’re always feeling the odd one out?
Maybe it’s because you find it really hard to choose, your brains goes too fast and you rather stay at home than going to a party?
I get you. I hear you. I see you.

This book and workbook – with fun exercises and beautiful transforming assignments – will help you to follow your Soul’s Purpose and bring ease and flow back in your business and life. Buy the Book Bundle and Join the Free Brave Branders Facebook group and connect with fellow brave women entrepreneurs.